Wealth management & capital investements

Individual portfolio management service custom tailored to each client’s goals and needs.

Investment Philosophy

We always aim to find a convenient and logical approach for each individual client - this philosophy applies to portfolio structure, particular financial institutions where capital is managed as well as the final fee structure we agree on. We always strive for flexibility and efficiency and look for tailor-made solutions in each particular case.


Our general investment thesis follows a top-down, macro to micro approach. At its very core lies a decade-long belief that currencies (the so-called "fiats”) are subject to an endless loss of purchasing power over time given the specifics of the modern monetary system. In practice, this means that capital that is not productive (cash in bank accounts, for example) is very likely to lose its purchasing power within the framework of real inflation, which by itself is rather difficult to define precisely. This thesis applies to any currency denomination: dollar, euro, sterling, or yuan, the only thing that varies is the actual rate of relative inflationary pressure.

Investment Strategy

We strive to build a diversified portfolio which can provide real capital appreciation through income stream coming from bonds coupons and stock dividends and has built-in protection from inflation spikes or periods of market instability. We focus on high-quality emerging market sovereign and government-owned entity issuers. Each issuer is analyzed using our internal financial scoring system and monitored on a daily basis. In implementing the investment thesis within the portfolio we employ derivative structures which allow us to fine-tune the risk exposure in the most efficient way.

Portfolio transparency

Our clients also enjoy access to our proprietary ALEPH reporting system, which has been developed by ourselves and that we use extensively for managing capital.

Demo Portfolio

The demo portfolio reflects the weighted average structure of our clients' portfolios. Anyone can use it as an example to try out the functionality of our Aleph reporting system. The demo portfolio makes it possible to monitor our investment decisions and accurately reflect their returns.

Use the following сredentials to access demo portfolio

Login: aqrm
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Link to Aleph reporting system

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